Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenance (avtcore)

WG Name Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenance
Acronym avtcore
Area Applications and Real-Time Area (art)
State Active
Charter charter-ietf-avtcore-02 Approved
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Personnel Chairs Jonathan Lennox
Rachel Huang
Area Director Barry Leiba
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The Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) along with its associated profiles and payload formats provides for real-time transmission of audio and video over unicast and multicast transports. RTP is widely implemented, and deployed for a wide range of applications, ranging from telephony to television over IP. RTP itself has been shepherded to Full Standard. Its associated profiles, extensions, and payload formats are currently at various levels of standards maturity. As new applications have emerged, the need for guidelines for the use of the RTP/RTCP protocols and extensions specific to those applications has been identified.

The AVTCORE working group is chartered to maintain the core RTP/RTCP specifications and the AVP, SAVP, AVPF, and SAVPF profiles. The group will provide architectural guidance for extending the protocols and guidelines for their proper use. While other working groups are chartered to work on RTCP Extended Report Extensions (XRBLOCK) and RTP Payload Formats (PAYLOAD), extensions that are generally applicable will be developed in AVTCORE. The AVTCORE working group is also chartered to develop application-specific guidelines for the use of RTP/RTCP protocols with the AVP, SAVP, AVPF, and SAVPF profiles, and extensions to those protocols that are driven by application-specific needs.

The AVTCORE working group will coordinate closely with the Security Area while working on maintenance and enhancements to the SRTP Profile (SAVP).


Date Milestone
Jun 2019 Submit Feedback Mechanism for RTP Congestion Control for Proposed Standard
Apr 2019 Submit RTP Header Extension for Video Frame Information for Proposed Standard
Feb 2019 Submit Guidelines for using the Multiplexing Features of RTP for Informational
Done Submit Mechanism for Layer Refresh Request for Proposed Standard
Done Submit update for A General Mechanism for RTP Header Extensions (RFC5285) for publication as proposed standard