Philip Eardley


rfc5559 Jun 2009 Pre-Congestion Notification (PCN) Architecture
rfc5670 Nov 2009 Metering and Marking Behaviour of PCN-Nodes
rfc6417 Nov 2011 How to Contribute Research Results to Internet Standardization
rfc6627 Jul 2012 Overview of Pre-Congestion Notification Encoding
rfc6663 Jul 2012 Requirements for Signaling of Pre-Congestion Information in a Diffserv Domain
rfc6770 Nov 2012 Use Cases for Content Delivery Network Interconnection
rfc7398 Feb 2015 A Reference Path and Measurement Points for Large-Scale Measurement of Broadband Performance
rfc7536 May 2015 Large-Scale Broadband Measurement Use Cases
rfc7594 Sep 2015 A Framework for Large-Scale Measurement of Broadband Performance (LMAP)
rfc8193 Aug 2017 Information Model for Large-Scale Measurement Platforms (LMAPs)